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Awkward? Madonna to meet mother of toyboy Brahim Zaibat... who is eight years YOUNGER

The Daily Mail

19 August 2011

Meeting your boyfriend's mother is always a nerve wracking experience.

However Madonna has the upper hand in one respect, as she's an amazing eight year's older than the woman in question.

Patricia Vidal, or 'mum' to Madonna's 24-year-old toyboy Brahim Zaibat is 45, while the Material Girl recently celebrated her 53rd birthday.

Apprehensive: Patricia Vidal, mother of Madonna's boyfriend Brahim Zaibat, is about to meet the megastar girlfriend of her son who's eight years older than her

Madonna started seeing her 24-year-old beau last year, after meeting the French dancer when he performed at a launch party for her clothing line Material Girl.

The pair hit it off after Madonna told him that they had compatible star signs, and they were spotted getting intimate while out and about in London clubs soon afterwards.

It's anyone's guess what Brahim will make of the comparison between his superstar girlfriend and the comparatively youthful Patricia.

Right from the beginning Patricia was none too keen on the match, particularly when the pair's public displays of affection appeared all over the tabloids.

She told the National Enquirer: 'My mouth fell open when I realized that my son was Madonna’s new boyfriend.'

Adjusting to the news was difficult: 'I’m still trying to come to terms with it,' she admitted.

Adjusting has probably been easier for Madonna. Her former boyfriend Jesus Luz's mother was an incredible 14 years younger than the singer.

Another bone of contention for Patricia is the religious difference between the couple. Brahim is a Muslim, while Madonna follows the Kabbalah faith.

This caused a rift between the two in May, when Brahim refused to accompany Madonna to Kabbalah meetings.

But they soon worked things out, and were seen together looking as happy as ever only a month later.

It may not be so easy to convince Patricia, who admitted: 'I certainly wouldn’t say we’re overjoyed by his relationship with a non-Muslim.'

She is probably hoping that Madonna will transfer her affections before things get any more serious.
The Hung Up singer is currently busy judging a contest looking for new dancers to accompany her on her upcoming world tour.

The shortlist of finalists will be judged live on stage by Madonna at a
Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project event in an as yet unannounced city.

'What attracted me to the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project is the combination of participating in the celebration of nightlife around the world and the opportunity to discover the world's best unknown dancers,' Madonna said.

'The best dancers are always in the clubs looking for the most original experience, just like Smirnoff is doing,' she continued.

It has not been confirmed, but it is possible that the Smirnoff party event will take place in London.

Repeating the pattern: Madonna also raised eyebrows when she dated 25-year-old model Jesus Luz, who's mother was an even crazier 14 years younger than her

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